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JMS Conference
18th – 20th April 2018, Babson College, USA

An International Conference Sponsored by Journal of Management Studies & Society for Advancement of Management Studies will be held on: Diversity Perspective on Management: Towards more complex conceptualizations of diversity in management studies. The conference will be held at Babson College, USA.

In conjunction with the conference the editors of JMS will also be conducting a professional development workshop for doctoral candidates on Friday 20th April.

For information on the Call for Papers please see the below links:




Warwick 2016 – Connecting Eastern & Western Perspectives on Management

From the 21st-23rd of March 2016 we held our JMS Conference on the theme of Connecting Eastern and Western Perspectives on Management’.

The conference was held at the University of Warwick, and commenced with a drinks reception and conference dinner at Scarman House.
JMS Conference 2016 - 1 JMS Conference 2016 - 4
Coombe AbbeyThe next morning, Paul Beamish gave the keynote speech, sharing his thoughts and experiences on business education. A variety of papers were presented at the conference, and brought up interesting issues for discussion such as challenging the dichotomy of ‘East’ and ‘West’, how we view the ‘other’, and the ‘East’ and ‘West’ coming together.

Our final conference dinner was held at Coombe Abbey, a fascinating and beautiful venue.

“Thank you very much… for a brilliant conference! I truly enjoyed it and the quality of the feedback was exceptionally high.”
– Rebecca Piekkari

“Thanks again for your marvelous organization… It was a memorable few days indeed.”
– Diana Kwok

“I just wanted to thank you for organizing a fine conference… The sessions all day on Tuesday were very rewarding… as was the interaction with presenters at the breaks an in the sessions.  I truly thank you for this opportunity.”
– David Wasieleski

Editorial Team Photo - JMS Conf 2016

Cambridge 2014 – Managing Complexity Within and Across Organizational Boundaries

The 2014 JMS conference took place at the Møller Centre at Churchill College, University of Cambridge over 24th – 26th March. This was preceded by the JMS conference Professional Development Workshop, which took place on 24th March.

The 2014 conference attempted to address the increasingly complex and pluralistic environments in which organizations operate, both within and outside of the economic domain; and the implications of this plurality both for businesses and future research in the field. Michael Power gave a much lauded keynote address on Searching for Risk Culture in Financial Organisations. Meanwhile fellow keynote speaker Haridimos Tsoukas gave an insightful speech into Resources for Complexity Thinking in Organization Studies.

The conference theme provoked a range of papers from authors such as Thijs Peeters, Peter Gianiodis, Greetje Corporaal, Julie Ferguson, Suzanne Tietze, Sven-Volker Rehm, Lakshmi Goel, Emanuel Kastl, Marleen Dieleman, Benyamin Lichtenstein, Anna Brattström, Daniel Muzio and Jan Lepoutre. JMS Editors Penny Dick, Charles Dhanaraj, Andrew Corbett, Igor Filatotchev, Dries Faems, Bill Harley, Gerardo Patriotta and Maddy Janssens were joined by fellow chair Terry McNulty.

The mid-conference dinner saw attendees dining in the magnificent Hall of Magdalene College, Cambridge. The thought-provoking programme, combined with the excellent facilities of the Møller Centre, made 2014 the year that the JMS conference cemented its reputation as an inspirational and entertaining fixture on the management conference calendar.

“I must say I learned lot and enjoyed talking to many active researchers during the conference. I sincerely appreciate such an excellent arrangement and support by you and your colleagues.”

– Ji-Hwan Lee, KAIST, Korea

“I thought Prof. Power’s talk was one of the best I have ever seen and of course Harry’s talks are always entertaining.”

– Peter Gianiodis, Clemson University, USA

“Thanks again for the awesome conference – as you know conferences are mostly awesome because someone behind the scene worked hard on smooth logistics and facilities! I had a great time, nice people, good talks, great feedback on my paper. Thanks so much.”

– Marleen Dieleman, National University of Singapore

2014 Conf - team

“It was a great conference – lovely venues, and everything ran so smoothly. I can’t think of anything to improve. Well done to you and your colleagues.”

– Sharon Varney, University of Reading (Consultant), UK

“I’m so pleased your event went well; it’s been over a year in the making and the team here were really pleased with how smoothly it all went.”

– Andy Collings, Møller Centre, UK

Oxford 2012 – The Evolution and Future of Management.

Marking the 50th anniversary of the Journal of Management Studies, the JMS conference returned to St Anne’s College, at the University of Oxford. The conference took place over 26th to 28th March 2012, with the JMS Professional Development Workshop taking place on 26th March – a move from the usual autumn scheduling. The mid-conference dinner took place in the college dining room.

The conference sought to acknowledge changes in the management of firms since the Journal of Management Studies was first established, and the resulting developments in management theory over the past half-century. In doing so, the conference hoped to draw upon insights from leading scholars into the future of management within a rapidly changing world. Former JMS editors Mike Wright and Tim Clark returned to give the keynote address on trends in management over the last 50 years. Mike Hitt and Hugh Willmott also gave keynote addresses on the future of management as a field of study and the future of the corporation respectively. Meanwhile the event began with a special panel from Rakesh Khurana, Julian Birkinshaw and Martin Parker into the Future(s) of the Business School.

Attendees enjoyed papers by such leading academics as Anna Rylander, Georg Schreyögg, Jörg Sydow, Harry Scarbrough, Sara Värlander, Gillian Symon, Stefan Tengblad, Maja Korica, John Hassard, Juliane Reinecke, Dennis Tourish, Andrew Sturdy, Shahzad Ansari, Behlül Üsdiken, Rick Vogel, Jeroen Kraaijenbrink, Achim Schmitt, Flore Bridoux, Maxim Voronov, Miriam Wolf, Mike Peng and Abigail Stewart. The session chairs included JMS editors Bill Harley, Andrew Delios, Joep Cornelissen, Allen Amason, Davide Ravasi and Justin Jansen, who were joined by SAMS council members Nick Oliver, Tim Clark, Robin Wensley and Richard Thorpe.

The 2012 Oxford event proved to be the most well-received conference in JMS history so far – and truly the jewel in the crown of events marking the journal’s 50th anniversary.

“Many thanks for organizing such a convivial and stimulating meeting at St Annes.”

– Hugh Willmott, Cardiff University, UK

“The cherry on top of the cake was the possibility to listen to the opening debate about the future of business schools. That really was food for thought!”

– Ricardo Zozimo, Lancaster University, UK

“First of all, I would like to thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the JMS Doctoral Colloquium. It was an inspiring day and I was particularly impressed by the real willingness of the four JMS editors to interact with us.”

– Alessandro Giudici, Cranfield University, UK.

“Mixing up the participants of the SAMS conference and the doctoral workshop for dinner was also a very good idea – I had some wonderful discussions with some of the conference participants that I probably would not have talked to would it not have been for the seating.”

– Katharina Dittrich, Zurich, Switzerland.

“The whole event was so well organised and enjoyable – one of the nicest conferences I have ever been at. Many thanks.”

– Dennis Tourish, Royal Holloway University, UK.

Loughborough 2010 – The Foundations of Sustainability

The 2010 JMS conference took place over Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th September at Loughborough University. The Loughborough conference was the first to include the JMS Professional Development Workshop, which took place over 27th September.

The theme of 2010 conference was the economic, social, ecological, cultural and political foundations of sustainable business initiatives and organisations. Papers were invited on the topic of how sustainability might be reconceptualised within the management field, to form a strong theoretical and empirical basis on which to build future research. Papers by authors such as Gail Whiteman, Jonatan Pinkse, Timo Busch, Daniel Nyberg, Richard Priem, Frances Bowen, Caterina Tantalo, Pursey Heugens, Isabel Shaw, Christine Byrch and Sandra Moog were presented.

Conference attendees also enjoyed insightful keynote addresses from Garry Bruton and Andreas Scherer. JMS Editors Andrew Delios, Bill Harley, Steve Floyd, André Spicer and Joep Cornelissen were joined by fellow session chairs Richard Priem, Markus Milne, Gail Whiteman, Catherine Liston-Heyes and Steffen Boehm.

Attendees enjoyed a mid-conference Dinner in the beautiful candlelit Chapel building of Rothley Court. The inclusion of the workshop also drew much praise, and would become a staple of future JMS conferences as a result.

“Just wanted to say thanks for a good doctoral workshop and an interesting conference on sustainability last week… Thanks for some insights about research, career and publishing.”

– Emilia Kvarnström, Uppsala University, Sweden

2010 Conf - dinner

“Thank you for a well organised and interesting conference… I learnt a lot from attending the session and it was good to meet so many people specifically from the field of sustainability.”

– Gareth Veal, Lancaster University, UK

“Thank you for your hard work…! Great conference, great people, great journal!”

– Caterina Tantalo, Luiss Guido Carli University, Italy

Oxford 2008 – Trajectories, Paths, Patterns and Practices of Organising and Strategising

The second JMS conference took place over 23rd – 25th September 2008 at St Anne’s College, Oxford. The 2008 event not only saw the event move from the journal’s administrative home in Durham, but expand to a three day event, with a drinks reception and dinner on the first night. The mid-conference banquet took place on 24th September at the picturesque surroundings of the main Hall at Lincoln College, Oxford.

The theme of the conference was the exploration of advances at the interface between strategy and organisation, and more particularly dynamic theories, such as strategy-as-practice, process research, (performative) routines and organizational

evolution. Gerry Johnson and Nicolaj Siggelkow served as keynote speakers, leading papers from scholars such as Paula Jarzabkowski, Linda Rouleau, Krsto Pandza, Martha Feldman, Bill Wooldridge, Namrata Malhotra, Duncan Anwin, Julia Balogun, Dean Shepherd, Loizos Heracleous and Frans van den Bosch.

Stream chairs included JMS editors Steve Floyd (Strategy Process), Joep Cornelissen (Institutional Theory), Colin Hales (Sensemaking), Andrew Delios (Capabilities) and Mike Wright (RBV/Capabilities). They were joined by Jaideep Prabhu (Capabilities), and SAMS council members Tony Watson (Practice) and Julia Balogun (Discourse).

Although it was the 2008 event that set the template for future JMS conferences, this conference was also notable as the farewell event for General Editors Tim Clark and Mike Wright, under whose stewardship JMS developed the international character and rigorous approach to scholarship that it retains today. Professors Clark and Wright were presented with long service certificates by the JMS team in a special ceremony during the conference – just one of many highlights for our praised second event.

“It was a very enjoyable and positively informative conference, and I look forward to any opportunity to participate in future similar conferences.”

– Justin Webb, Texas A&M University, USA

2008 Conf - Tim & Mike presentation

“Also, could you convey my thanks to the ‘team’ who selected my paper and gave me the opportunity to attend – it was a stimulating event where I talked more than I had at the whole of AoM!”

– Dalvir Samra-Fredericks, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

“Best conference I have been to in ages.”

– Tim Morris, University of Oxford, UK

Durham 2006 – Beyond Knowledge Management: Advancing the Organizational Knowledge Research Agenda

In 2006, the first Journal of Management Studies Conference took place over 22nd and 23rd September at Durham University Business School, in the historic city of Durham, North-East England.

The conference sought to explore extant contributions to the field of knowledge in business activity, and identify future directions for research. Our Keynote Speakers were Alfred Kieser and Haridimos Tsoukas, and the programme included papers by Andrew Corbett, Alice Lam, Harry Scarbrough, Jacky Swan, Paul Sparrow, Henk Volberda, Michael Zhang, Karen Handley, Tim Clark and Ellen Crumley. The Conference Dinner took place in the Undercroft restaurant of historic Durham Cathedral, a World Heritage site.

The 2006 conference met with enthusiastic responses from attendees, many of whom praised the “inspiring” nature of the presentations, as well as the “wonderful” organisation of what would be the first of many well-received JMS conferences.

“Just a quick note to say thanks to you all for organising what was a great event at Durham. I am sure you sensed the feedback from people, but it was one of those really rewarding experiences that many clearly got great benefit out of. I certainly did. Thanks for all the hard work.”

– Paul Sparrow, Manchester Business School, UK

2006 Conference (Group shot)

“It was a wonderful conference. I very much enjoyed the discussion there. And Durham is a beautiful city. Thank you once more for having invited me to this inspiring Conference.”

– Alfred Kieser, University of Mannheim, Germany

“I would like to thank you very much for giving me such an opportunity to attend this conference. It was very interesting and I got a lot of feedback regarding my research.”

– Vasiliki Tzoumpa, University of Surrey, UK