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The Society for the Advancement of Management Studies is a charity and was established in 1963 in order to provide a governance structure for the Journal of Management Studies. It has a rather broad remit as set out in the original Memorandum of Association.

The object for which the Society is established is the advancement of education in the field of management studies and for that purpose but not further or otherwise the society shall have the following powers

  • To edit books, journals, essays, articles or other literary works
  • To publish books, journals, essays, articles or other literary works
  • To pay the authors of books, journals, essays, articles of other literary works edited or published by the Society such fees as they thought fit.
  • To provide for the delivery and holding of lectures, discussions, exhibitions, public meetings, classes and conferences
  • To make payments for carrying out research the results of which will be disseminated
  • To offer and award prizes to winners of thesis or essay or other like competitions

The SAMS Council meets three times a year. Professor Richard Thorpe (University of Leeds) is currently Chair of the Council. There are currently 15 Council Members and a further 10 Members of the Society made up of contributors and reviewers for the Journal of Management Studies.

The Journal of Management Studies has an Editorial Board made up of much valued reviewers and member of the JMS community

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