SAMS Scholarships

The Society offered five Scholarships: three in honour of former JMS editors, one in honour of the founder of SAMS and JMS, and one known as the SAMS Scholarship. These were aimed at PhD students at any higher education institution in the UK who had completed the equivalent of the first year on a full-time programme. The Scholarships were for two years and for a total of £40,000; the Scholarship Scheme ended in 2004.

Karen Legge Scholarship 2003

Kim Field, Judge Business School, Cambridge University: From drug ‘patent busting’ to global collaboration: institutional entrepreneurship, firm strategy, and the evolving discourse on intellectual property in India.

Grigor McClelland Scholarship 2003

Caroline Miller, Keele University: Business Talk Women Walk? The language of enterprise and its effect upon women as potential small business owners.

Tom Lupton Scholarship 2003

Simone Novello, Lancaster University Management School: Organising “Knowledge Transfers” between dispersed corporate Spaces.

Geoff Lockett Scholarship 2003

Sarah Ronson, London Business School: Creativity in small groups: the cognitive, affective, and social consequences of shared representations for group creativity.

SAMS Scholarship 2003

Dariya Mykhayliv, University of Leeds: An Analysis of Corporate Governance Structures of Ukrainian Enterprises and their Effect on Investment and Growth.

Karen Legge Scholarship 2004

Luiz Felipe Monteiro, London Business School: Connecting the dots: Uncovering the technology scouting process.

Grigor McClelland Scholarship 2004

Charles Noir, Judge Business School, Cambridge University: Information systems strategy and organizational reform in the Indian healthcare sector.

Tom Lupton Scholarship 2004

Eva Afoldi, University of Leeds: Knowledge Transfer in the Multinational Enterprise: The Impact of Inter-Subsidiary Hierarchy and Role Stress.

Geoff Lockett Scholarship 2004

Stefanos Avakian, Durham University: A Study on the Consultant-Client Relationship: Examining Aspects of Legitimation.

SAMS Scholarship 2004

Partha Datta, Cranfield University: A complex system, agent based model for studying and improving the resilience of production and distribution networks.