The Grigor McClelland Doctoral Dissertation Award

Coming Soon… Information for the 2018 Grigor McClelland Doctoral Dissertation Award Call



Julia DiBenigno, Yale University, USA

Warriors versus Experts: Managing Conflict between Professional Groups for US Army Mental Healthcare


Christian Hampel, University of Oxford, UK

When Crisis Hits: How Organizations Manage Their Reputations, Fight Stigmatization and Regain Legitimacy

Jeroen Wolbers, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cross-boundary Coordination Processes in Emergency Management



Doug Lepisto, Western Michigan University

Reason For Being: Exploring the Emergence and Members’ Responses to Organizational Purpose in an Athletic Footwear and Apparel Company


Isabella Krysa, St Mary’s University

The Construction of the ‘Immigrant’ in Canada’s Immigration Discourse – A Foucauldian Critical Discourse Analysis through Postcolonial Lenses

Evelyn Micelotta, University of New Mexico

When Institutions Bend But Do Not Break: The Institutional Accommodation of Open Access in Scientific Publishing



Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, New York University, USA

Shifting Loci of Innovation: A Study of Knowledge Boundaries, Identity and Innovation at NASA


Eric Zhao, Indiana University, USA

Institutional Complexity of National Systems and the Fate of Global Microfinance

Tiona Tuzul, London Business School, UK

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Nascent Industries



Ryan Raffaelli, Harvard Business School, USA

Identity and Institutional Change in a Mature Field: The Re-Emergence of the Swiss Watchmaking Industry, 1970-2008


Thomas Roulet, HEC Paris, France

Banking on illegitimacy: Logics, disapprobation and inter-organizational relationships in the post-crisis finance industry (2007-2011)

Gwyneth Edwards, HEC Montreal, Canada

The Influence of CEO Narratives in Organizational Path Dependence

Frank de Wit, University of Melbourne, Australia

The Paradox of Intragroup Conflict



Henrika Franck, Hanken School of Economics, Finland

Ethics in Strategic Management: An inquiry into Otherness of a Strategy Process


Natalya Vinokurova, University of Pennsylvania, USA

The 2008 Mortgage Crisis as a Failure of Analogical Reasoning

Richard Tee, EPFL, Switzerland

Architectural Innovation and Design Evolution: Strategic and Organizational Dynamics of Industry Platforms



Tyler Wry, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Embedded Categories: Three Studies on the Institutional Shaping of Categories and Category Effects


Julien Jourdan, Imperial College London, UK

Logic Duality, Conformity, and Survival in the French Film Industry, 1987-2008

Renee Rottner, New York University, USA

The Life of a Project: Accomplishing Legitimacy and Mobilizing Resources for Sustained Innovation



Jean-Philippe Vergne, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Playing with fire: Category-level strategies for dealing with public disapproval. The case of the global arms industry (1996-2007)


Chengwei Liu, University of Warwick, UK

Essays on Luck, Counterfactual Thinking, and Entrepreneurial Cognition

Andre Laplume, Michigan Technological University, USA

Heuristics for Strategic Ambidexterity: Balancing Exploration and Exploitation over Time in Varying Environments