Rana Plaza Fieldwork and Academic Anxiety: Some Reflections

Rashedur Chowdry JMS SAYS Title ImageThe Rana Plaza collapse, which took place in Bangladesh in 2013, killed and injured at least 1135 and 2500 people respectively. Although the structural fault with the building had been identified before the collapse, the owner of the building and five garment factories housed in Rana Plaza had forced workers to continue production for 31 Western multinational corporations (MNCs). It was the deadliest structural failure in modern history, and resulted in a horrific rescue operation. First, the fire brigade did not have the necessary training and equipment to rescue the victims, and so the general public also participated in the rescue operation. Second, when victims were rescued, it was found that many of them had lost their limbs or suffered severe internal injuries, including internal organ failure, due to several days without water. After the completion of the rescue, the victims received neither appropriate compensation nor rehabilitation to overcome their psychological trauma and physical disabilities… [Read More]

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