The Death and Rebirth (?) of International Business Research

delios-essay-graphicMy motivation for this essay extends from my three views on the state of international business (IB) research.

The world of IB is vibrant and stimulating. Current IB research is not.

Managers engaged in IB are energetic, creative and risk-taking. Modern day IB scholars are not.

Media stories covering IB are novel, engaging and eye-catching. Recent IB journal publications are not.

At its birth, IB research galvanized a generation of inspired scholarship. This first wave of IB research breathed life into our understanding of the multinational corporation (MNC), which until then was characterized as a foreign demon. Unfortunately, the initial success of this MNC focus anchored subsequent generations of researchers to the identical research questions concerning why MNCs exist, how they grow and how they are managed. At the same time that IB research became stultified; the practice of IB became more international, more nuanced and more challenging to understand… [Read More]

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One Response to The Death and Rebirth (?) of International Business Research

  1. Yvonne McNulty September 27, 2016 at 12:59 am #

    Finally, someone has said publicly what I have privately known for many years. IB research lost its way a long time ago when the field deliberately erased from its scholarship any and all study at the individual level. In other words, it deemed research about people engaged in international business as unworthy of publication, most especially if such research was qualitative and required ‘thick description’ to argue its main points. Instead, the IB field adopted an anthropomorphism stance to sanction the publication of a zillion studies about MNCs that somehow ran themselves without human intervention. PEOPLE run organizations! PEOPLE make decisions about mergers, acquisitions, localization, born globals, etc etc etc! Bravo Andrew Delios for saying out loud what I have wanted to shout from the rooftop for years. Thank you!

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